THE CAPTAIN'S LOG: Unreliable Internet? No problem!

Greetings Stages Flight Admin!

At Stages Indoor Cycling we know that not every studio is blessed with a fast and reliable internet connection. So, we created a feature in Stages Flight that will allow the show to go on even if a link to the World Wide Web is lost.
Every time an instructor uses the studio's Location ID and password to log into the Stages Flight program on the studio laptop, these credentials must be authenticated by the Stages Flight servers on the web. However, if the "Remember password" box is checked these credentials will be saved locally, and the instructor will be able to access Stages Flight even if the internet is not accessible.

PRO TIP! Check the Remember password box.

Internet access is required for Stages Flight to run at full functionality. If a link to the web is lost, Instructor’s Intensity Profiles/Routes and rider’s bike reservations made during the outage will not be downloaded to the studio machine. Additionally, class results and post workout e-mails will not be uploaded. However, with this tip riders can still have an incredible in-class experience.