THE CAPTAIN'S LOG: Understanding your Audio Options

Hello Stages Flight Admin! 

Need help understanding your audio options? We have a few simple tips. 

"Why is my audio playing through the speaker on the TV or projector?"
"I selected headphone in the pop up but I’m still not hearing the audio."

If headphones do not work after plugging them into the laptop, the HDMI cable needs to be disabled. This may occur when new cables are purchased and used with the machine. 

"I can't hear any sound at all!"
There are numerous ways to control the sound volume, and to mute it altogether. Watch the video and read on to check each of these volume controls.

Steps are written below the video. 

Steps mentioned in the above video:
You can run your sound through the HDMI cable that is required with your Flight system
. Run the cable from the laptop to the projector or TV. After plugging the HDMI cable in, start playing a video or music from the instructor panel on Flight. 

Most commonly, facilities want the audio to come out of the headphone jack, through a cable that runs to the mixing board on the stereo rack.
After plugging your cable into the headphone jack, a pop-up screen appears asking which device you plugged in. Select "headphone". Note: it still won't play through the headphone jack but will still default to HDMI. You must first disable audio through the HDMI cable by hitting the Windows key, right clicking on the speaker icon and selecting playback devices. Disable your projector/TVs by right clicking on the icon and selecting disable. Now the audio will play through the stereo system. Click "Okay"!

If there still is no sound,
check the slider on the right side of the instructor panel, which is your volume control. Touch it to adjust, or use the track-pad.

To adjust the computer audio,
hold down Function (Fn) with F2 to decrease and with F3 to increase. F1 will mute or unmute the sound altogether. 

Tip: Check Chapter 9 in your Stages Flight Admin guide on the Inkling Axis app for more information on setting up Flight in your studio.