New Privacy Settings at

Attention Awesome Flight Captains & Crew!

Later today, when you or your Flight users login to, you will be greeted by a shiny new pop-up; one you can't dismiss until you walk through 6 easy steps.  

Why is this you might ask?  

Well for our European customers, it's a GDPR thang.  For everyone else, saying, 'huh?' this thing called GDPR (Group Data Protection Regulation) is the reason you have received a gaggle (or more!) of self-preservation emails related to digital service providers updating their terms and privacy policies.  With our Norwegian offices and half of our user base residing in Europe, we too must abide.

When you log in you will have the opportunity to change your privacy settings, friend settings and even delete your existence from the Stages Flight universe (tears will fall from the eyes of many, but it is your legal right to enter the black hole). 

Please note: Instructors will not be able to create profiles and users will not be able to view their dashboard until these settings have been reviewed.  But fear not, it takes 30 seconds to complete if you leave things 'as-is', 90 seconds if you want to make some changes, and about 10 minutes if you would like to review the entirety of our new and exciting terms and conditions.

Speaking of...

The official sounding email will be coming from Stages Flight servers in the next few hours. It will direct you, your users and any mobile app users back to to complete these changes.

We hope this to be the most hum-drum email we ever send. 

Now get back to flying!

Cameron & Crew