Fixing a static screen on a Dell Latitude 3570

Hi Stages Flight Customer, 

If you possess a Dell Latitude 3570 and you have seen this nasty screen pop-up, it's due to an incompatible Windows video driver update. To find out if you have a Dell Latitude 3570, look below the keyboard on the bottom left side, printed in silver text. Fortunately this fix will take you 80 seconds to complete.

1. Press the Windows key

2. Select the gear icon on the bottom left for SETTINGS.

3. Choose "Devices"

4. Select "Display Settings"

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select "Display adapter properties."

6. A pop-up window will appear, select the "properties button."

7. A second pop-up window will appear, select the Driver tab on the top and "Roll Back Driver."

8. When asked Why you are rolling back, select "My Apps don't work with this update."

9. Press Okay

10. You'll know you were successful if the Roll back Driver button is grayed out.


*If you continue to receive a pop-up notification that there is a video driver update available, please ignore these until future notice. Thanks!

As always, reach out to with questions.