Do you have members that would prefer to ride anonymously?

Greetings, Stages Flight Admin!

Every studio has a member or two that would prefer to ride anonymously, with their data hidden from the rest of the class. Have no fear - they can still attend your Stages Flight classes! Accommodate their privacy needs with the following trick (or treat?!) 
From your instructor panel, click on the bracket icon in the upper left of your screen, located next to the booking icon. This is the Hide/Show Users setting.

Displaying all bikes:

Hide bike number 2 by clicking on the bike 2 box:

Notice that after clicking the bike 2 box, the bike 2 gauge is no longer displayed on the screen. Bike number 2 can now ride anonymously! 

BUT WAIT! Bike number 2 still wants to see their data after class! 
Don't worry, even if their gauge is hidden during class, they will still receive their post-class email containing all of their ride data, as long as they booked the class with their Stages Flight account.