CAPTAIN'S LOG: Why it's important that your members create accounts on

To get the most out of the Stages Flight experience, it is very important that your members take a couple of minutes to create an account on 

There are a multitude of reasons, but here are our favorites:
  1. They can book classes and specific bikes online or on the mobile app.
  2. They can save their FTP numbers, and select to lock it down, or continually work on improving it. 
  3. They can write in any name to appear with their gauge on the screen. Code names can be fun!
  4. They will receive an email FULL of fun post-workout data! An example email is pictured below.

To create urgency, give them a deadline: If accounts are created by end of December, your members can start the new year with goals they can track! That should keep them coming back each week for more. 

Have you already posted your Location ID postcard in the studio? An example postcard is pictured below. It contains the steps to create an account, with your own facility's location ID.