CAPTAIN'S LOG: What is VismoX?

Hello Stages Flight admin and instructors! 

Have you noticed a VismoX logo, or a link while using That is because Stages Flight is powered by VismoX. What is VismoX? VismoX stands forVISual MOtivation eXperience, and here's the story.

Let's back up a bit! Our friends from VismoX in Norway are the creators of the group cycling software program that you have all come to know and love as Stages Flight. Have you ridden to the gorgeous Norwegian riding footage in the Stages Approved folder? Fun fact: those are our friends and colleagues of VismoX. 

Joachim Pettersen, the VismoX founder.

Rune Jogert riding in Norway, a screen shot from the Stages Approved 20 minute FTP test video.

In 2017 Stages Cycling acquired VismoX, making its team and software officially part of the Stages Indoor Cycling family. The VismoX software is at the heart of Stages Flight, which has completed the Stages Indoor Cycling ecosystem.

Over the course of this year, we'll be migrating VismoX references to the Stages Flight brand. In the meantime, have no fear when you encounter VismoX. That's just the beating heart of Stages Flight!