CAPTAIN'S LOG: What does my "LEVEL" mean?

I am the fittest, fastest person I know and I'm only to level 36!
Have you heard that one before? Here's what you should know: Level 100 is the highest level achievable (akin to percentile) and is based off the power to weight ratio of world champion road cyclists. On the other end of the spectrum, your less conditioned cyclists or novice exercisers will be a Level 1.This is why the majority of your riders will fall somewhere in the middle. The lighter someone is while retaining one's strength is a competitive advantage and indicative of a strong cyclist.   

Level, pictured below, is found on the DASHBOARD when logged into

Okay, but my favorite type of competition is... with myself!
How does one increase their Level? 
Where Level is based off the rider's power to weight ratio, there are two ways for it to change: changes to FTP, or changes to weight. So, completing an FTP test will result in an increased Level if the rider has gotten stronger (just don't forget to edit FTP in settings if the FTP lock is enabled). Alternatively, if they have lost weight as a result of their new indoor cycling habit, they should edit their weight in their settings, and the Level will increase if its a significant change.

For your committed go-getters...
Encourage your loyal members to set personal goals for their week. They can set an increased FTP goal and save a targeted number of workouts.
What are Energies or Energy Points (EP)? Energies, also referred to as Energy Points (EP), is a point system that takes intensity, time in zone and workout duration into account. Longer workouts or more total time spent at threshold will earn you more points, quicker.