CAPTAIN'S LOG: Web Changes to

Hello Stages Flight Admin,

Good news from your Captain! Our team has been hard at work, squashing bugs and adding improvements to The complete list is below, but here is what we are most excited about:

For you socialites: improved integration with Strava and TrainingPeaks.
 That's right, no more night riding! When Flight rides push to Strava and TrainingPeaks, time zones reflect local time. 

Where's my data?! Select users would hit a paywall while trying to view their ride stats. We have freed the data, and this will occur no more.

Here is the full list of fixes and improvements to

  • Fixed workout intervals statistic not showing in some cases
  • Fixes for users that temporarily lost access to detailed dashboard reporting and emails
  • Fixed scheduling of Sunday sessions does not populate at the correct time for certain time zones
  • Night rider bug fixed! Shared workouts with Strava and Training Peaks accurately reflect local time.
  • Added new support widget tab.
  • Updated email templates
  • Fixed "Copy" Events in Intensity Profiles to save the correct event information
  • Fixed wrong country codes on registration page for certain countries
  • Implemented auto detect country on registration page based on IP address
  • Fixed country selector in Internet Explorer
  • Added intensity profiles names validation (certain special characters not allowed)
  • Improvements to visibility in Top Lists for users that have sharing disabled
  • Improved how user data is displayed in Top Lists for 24/7 list

PSST! Stay tuned for exciting feature updates to the Stages Flight software, coming soon!