CAPTAIN'S LOG: The Calendar Invite & Reminder Feature

Happy new year, Captains!

Hope you've had a chance to digest the goodies from the past couple weeks. No, not the holiday cookies and festive beverages, but the new Flight version and training plans

This week we are moving on to a little known feature, and a great reason for members to book their bikes ahead of time.

Is this familiar? "I forgot my bike number!"
Did you know that bike reservation emails include a calendar invite, which also contains the reserved bike number?

Members that book their bike before class on receive a confirmation email of their booking. At the bottom of the confirmation email there is a calendar invite that when opened is added to the rider's calendar.  According to their calendar's reminder settings, they will get a calendar alert on their phone with their bike number.

Say you have your calendar settings set to remind you 15 minutes before all your events start. 15 minutes prior to class you would see a banner notification with your class name (pictured above). Click in to view your bike number.