CAPTAIN'S LOG: Reporting your Flight issues

Hi Stages Flight Admins!

We love you and want to support you best we can, promptly. As we grow, covering our bases in supporting you is a top priority. SOhere are best practices for reporting issues with your studio's Stages Flight system.

When a member or instructor reports an issue to you:
  1. Verify the issue. Is it an issue or is there a misunderstanding in how a feature works? HINT: do a quick search in your Inkling Axis guide! There is likely a troubleshooting page on the question.
  2. Duplicate the issue, if possible. See if you can recreate the reported issue.
  3. Take a screen shot, picture, or video of the issue to send to us. 
  4. Collect as much data as possible. The more information, the better!
  5. Send everything to our support team! and 1-800-717.8076 
  6. If you need to solve an issue or need a question answered officially, please send it to support rather than posting it to the Facebook group. That way we can track issues and get back to you promptly.
This is the most effective and fastest way to help us solve your Flight related issues, and to answer any & all questions you may have!
Without further ado, say HELLO to our Flight support team and save the address to your contacts!