CAPTAIN'S LOG: Power meter and Console Firmware Updates will better your Flight experience

High-fives to all of you on-top-of-it Flight Admins that updated your Flight software release last week!

For optimal member experience, we want to ensure everything is up to date. Once checking off the list below, you'll be able to add bike numbers to the console settings. This means, riders can connect their Flight app right to the bike number, rather than the ANT+ ID!

FIRST: Update the console with a USB thumb drive to Version 12 (v12). This will allow for a much more smooth console Bluetooth chip update, which comes next.


SECOND: Add the bike number into the console settings.

1. Press and hold the Backlight and AVG/END buttons for 5 seconds to enter the SETTINGS menu.
2. Select BIKE # from the Menu
3. Scroll up with AVG/END button to desired bike number. Press STAGE to select.
4. Bike number will disappear. To double check your work, navigate back and follow steps 1-2; your chosen bike number will be displayed. 
5. You may navigate back to USB or let the console fall asleep and it will return to rider mode.

VIDEO: Adding a bike number to the console

THIRD: Perform the console Bluetooth chip firmware update using the StagesPower app to v2.0.18. This one may take a few minutes. 

VIDEO: Updating the console broadcast firmware

FOURTH: Update the power meter to enable automatic zero resets. All power meters should be on v1.2.0. (Note - for some, the latest hardware will be 2.0.86 due to material changes). Your app will tell you when the power meter is up to date. 


FIFTH: Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • Your riders no longer need to hunt down ANT+ IDs to use the Flight app.
  • You can say goodbye to performing zero resets, as they will now occur automatically!