CAPTAIN'S LOG: New Stages Approved - Introducing Stages Flight Plans

We have a bit of news regarding your good friend Stages Approved... 

Your most trustworthy instructor in the instructor panel is going through a small transformation. Soon you will see STAGES FLIGHT PLANS alongside STAGES APPROVED, so instructors can quickly find their style. Every instructor has their personal preferences when it comes to musical tastes and presentation panache. That’s why Stages Flight Plans come in a variety of unique flavors; something for every palate. 


  • Stages COACH
    • Measurable progress, through and through. These plans are crafted for those that want to increase their FTP, with carefully considered work to recovery ratios.  
  • Stages BEATS
    • Coming soon! Ride the rhythm with these perfectly paired intervals and playlists, BPM to RPM all the way. 
  • Stages MIX
    • Party with a purpose using the best visual and auditory artistry that Stages Flight has to offer. 
  • Stages TOUR
    • Coming soon! Taking iconic rides around the globe, and bringing them inside your studio, using GPS routes
    • Blood thirsty competition, using mapped routes and KOMs (King of the Mountain) & Sprint points to push your competitive riders to the next level. 

TEASER! We're about to add a Stages Flight Pack; a training plan series that riders of all levels will embrace. Watch your inboxes next week for the announcement.