CAPTAIN'S LOG: New scheduler for bike reservations

Hi Stages Flight Admins!

It's a new and shiny Admin function. When adding your studio's sessions to the scheduler, you can now add a specified time frame for members to book their bikes

> Only want to allow your riders to book their bikes when they enter the studio? Select the "15 minutes before" the session start time option. 
>Want to add every one of your sessions for the year, but have the option to make adjustments each month, without messing with bookings? Select the "30 days before" option to allow members to book month-to-month.  

Check out the new drop-down under your CLUB ADMIN > SCHEDULER tab, next to "When should bike booking be made available to users?"

Select any time frame from 15 minutes before the start of the session, to 30 days, to Anytime. 

Hit SAVE and you are off and running!
Need a refresher on the various ways to book a bike with Flight? Click the link below to watch and learn.

Video: Ways to Book a Bike with Flight