CAPTAIN'S LOG: NEW 6 Weeks to Win Plan for Flight

Happy New Year, Stages Flight Admin!

With the beginning of the new year come swarms of new folks with fitness goals. How can you keep them engaged and coming back for more? Get them hooked on a 6 Weeks To Win plan! The plan will jive with riders of all levels and styles.


HINT: These rides are already loaded into the NEW Six Weeks To Win instructor within your instructor panel!

Here are a few fun ideas to roll out 6W2W in your studio:

  • Reward attendance of all plan sessions with merch, so your newly minted loyalists can rock your brand around town.
  • Sell a 6 week package deal to get people to commit to the plan upfront.
  • Make it visual! Map the plan out in the studio and get your riders to engage with gold stars, writing out their goals, or tracking their FTP numbers. 
  • Create a story using social media. Share a fun hashtag and motivate all your riders to participate. #FTPnerdsUnite #6w2w
  • Award the biggest percentage increase of FTP by Plan's end with a special prize!