CAPTAIN'S LOG: Making profiles in the Instructor Cloud your own

Hello Stages Flight Admin!

Here's a secret - you can grab any ride off the instructor cloud and make it your own. We wouldn't call it stealing, we'd call it getting inspired! 

Steps for the fastest way to create your own intensity profiles are below, but FIRST! A brand new Stages Approved ride has landed in your club.

Check out the new ride "Stages COACH - Release 006" under your Stages Approved instructor within your Flight instructor panel. It's an hour of pyramid intervals, increasing intensity as interval time decreases, and then back down again. Here's a hint: those longer interval blocks in the end will feel like a total breeze after the pyramid's peak! It's all relative, baby. 

Now here's the goods: steps to quickly make any instructor cloud ride your very own!

  1. Go to and click INSTRUCTOR, then INSTRUCTOR CLOUD.
  2. Scroll through, search, or filter the many shared rides. You can filter by profiles, routes and challenges with the blue toggles in the upper left corner of the list. 
  3. Click into any profile and you'll land on the edit screen. Here's where you can work your magic! Make the ride longer, shorter, switch up the intensity, whatever you need. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom and see the blue SAVE AS button. Click that button to rename the ride, which will save it as your own. 
  5. It will now show up under the MY PROFILES AND RIDES tab! Don't forget to hit "Send to club".