CAPTAIN'S LOG: Disabling booking from outside your studio

Hi Stages Flight Admins!

Let's clear up a couple things regarding your admin settings for booking bikes. We recently launched a new settings feature, for how far in advance members can book into classes from their Flight dashboard or app. You can revisit that announcement here. This new setting applies only to locations that allow remote booking. 

Would you prefer that your members cannot book scheduled classes remotely at all? Well, good news. There's a button for that. From, go to your ADMIN tab, then SCHEDULER. The blue button is on the right side, and will be filled in BLUEwhen remote booking is DISABLED

If you have a tablet for booking at your studio, riders can book a class at any time, for that same day.   

Here's a scenario: you would like to honor the "first come, first serve" policy and use the DISABLE REMOTE BOOKING button, but are seeing a bottleneck of eager riders booking bikes on the iPad right before class. Here's an idea: allow remote booking, but set booking to open 15 minutes prior to class time. That way people can use the Flight app from their phones to book their bike right before class. 


Important note! If you use a third party integration for reservations (such as MBO), you MUST leave the DISABLE REMOTE BOOKING circle filled in. Otherwise, your integration will not work