CAPTAIN'S LOG: New Admin functions

Dear Stages Flight Club Admin,

We are giving you the power - the power to make quick edits to your Flight users' settings. Need to edit or lock a rider's FTP? No problem, you can now do that yourself. Have a member saying they get too many emails? You can toggle their email preferences too! New troubleshooting powers have come your way

Go to and click CLUB ADMIN. Click USER ADMIN and you'll see all the users associated with your club's location ID. Click the edit icon to the right of a user's name to edit their settings (circled in red, below). 

After clicking the edit icon, you will see a snap shot of their settings:

Edit any of the information pictured above, and hit the blue UPDATE button. 

Here's a PRO-TIP for you: See that EXPORT TO CSV button in the first picture? You can download the email addresses using the export CSV function and communicate your heart out.