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We provide a unique interactive learning experience where attendees receive in-depth cycling education on the world’s best indoor bikes and power meters.

2-hour workshops. Full day certifications. We've got you covered.

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I have been to many different training workshops over the years, and the Stages Instructor Certification was one of the best I have ever attended. There was never a dull moment, and I loved how hands-on and personally relevant all the topics were.

Anonymous Instructor (Dec. 2016)

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I love teaching now because of the monitor and the fit and feel of the bike. Just completely and wholeheartedly LOVE it!

Anonymous Instructor (Fall 2016)

We had a lot of fun and your awesome training made us feel confident and ready to begin the process of teaching our first spin class.  You are such a great instructor and that showed with your passion, humor and knowledge of your content.

Anonymous Instructor (Feb. 2017)

Instructor feedback March 2017:

"It was brilliant to be on a course around indoor cycling that was absolutely about power and watts, as this is something I am passionate about and has always been the focus of my classes based on my degree/cycling obsession.  It has also reignited my creativity as the possibilities, combinations, ways to motivate the people who come to my classes are infinite.  The power meter rocks and it just allows for results driven outcomes from the serious cyclist to the many in gyms that are trying to lose weight (massive demographic) - so if watts isn’t their thing, then the ability to track calories will be, plus a whole host of other options, motivations, goals and objectives …. exciting times."